Energy Consultancy

Commercial and Industrial Energy and Resources Consultancy

The UK is legally bound to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The responsibility of business owners, companies and organisations to review and address their impact on the environment is a key component of this: in the UK, it is estimated that business activities alone account for half of the UK’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Despite a surprising lack of awareness by business owners, the now-mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) presents one such opportunity to do this; the audit is a comprehensive review and assessment of the energy consumption for businesses that meet qualification criteria. Otherwise, a simple review of your energy and environmental policies and practices will likely yield some significant savings in operational costs. 

Reducing your business’s energy usage is not only good for the planet, there are other benefits too: for instance, lowering your energy usage and/or implementing energy generation systems will have the corresponding effect on your exposure to energy price hikes in future, perhaps turbulent, energy markets and also lowers long-term risk for businesses. Allied to this is the sense amongst your customers that you’re taking action – this can help you generate new business, build better long-term relationships with customers and your supply chain, which all helps with sustainable profitability.

Grid Neutral can assist with enabling you to achieve this, whether you’re seeking compliance or improvements in efficiency, we can provide advice and guidance over the planning and implementation of low and renewable energy systems, such as solar, wind, Ground and Air-Source heat pumps and Combined Heat and Power, or simply with the identification and moderate energy and resource intensive processes.

Energy and Environmental Consultancy for Residential Dwellings, Housing and Developments

Members of Grid Neutral have a long history and track record of providing innovative solutions to enable the incorporation of different Renewable and Low-Carbon technologies across a breadth of applications. We’re well placed to advise on the planning and implementation of such systems for a range of clients, from self-build and private developers, through Community Energy Schemes and up to district heating schemes for developers and social housing providers.

Grid Neutral will help you reach compliance with building regulations, navigate Local Planning stipulations for particular projects and provide installation and maintenance services: this includes the incorporation of Solar Thermal and PV, Ground or Air-Source heat pumps and (micro) Combined Heat and Power systems in to larger scale energy mixes, and how efficient, cost-effective systems can be designed that suit all parties – with the on-going benefits brought through to the end users and tenants, such as lower running costs, better comfort etc.

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