Repairs and Maintenance

Solar PV systems, battery storage systems, energy diverters etc. require little in the way of maintenance – there are no moving parts on a panel and solid state inverters will offer a long work life. Sometimes things do go wrong, we can help whether we installed your PV system or not.

We are able to rectify many problems that owners may face with solar PV and Battery Storage systems. Some of the common issues include the following:

  • Inverter Faults/Replacements (talk to us about upgrading to battery storage)
  • DC or AC Electrical Faults
  • Temporary removal of panels to allow for loft extensions or other building work
  • Roof repairs that require the removal of the panels
  • Faulty AC or DC Isolators
  • Substandard work from many companies that have now ceased trading
  • Registration issues from non-accredited companies